The program

Italian Amica is a TV format of the lenght of 180′.

Each episode begins with a theme song that will leave room for the presenter of the program, Maristella Gallotti aka “Maristella” to entertain one of the “most influential media salons” of the Italian television, and it sees his debut with the first episode dated 2011.

A talk in which the various guests will discuss the theme of the episode dealing with current affairs, news, music, social; and also it issues also lighter, such as: fashion, gossip and entertainment.

A rich program of topics, news, insights, external connections, services, studio guests and exclusive testimonies that in each episode will smile, move and affect the audience at home that may intervene by telephone in direct recounting his experience or exposing their own idea about.

External contributions created ad hoc, will be handled in cooperation with top experts from various sectors, topics such as education, health, technology and work.

Each episode will be preceded by the program sponsor with the formula «the program is offered by …».

The topics that will be the master will follow the format of the ladders and may undergo some changes in respect of any requests of the same sponsors to give advances of their merchandise or other products.